What Your Donations Can Do

Project World-Mission 9:22 is supported through tax-deductible donations from people just like you. Below are just a few examples of what your donations go to. However, any donation, no matter how large or small, is welcomed and accepted.

Dry Goods
Beans, rice, coffee, sugar
$10.00 per bag / $1,000.00 per community)
House Building
Build a house for a family (16x16 wooden house with tin roof and includes a mattress set, sheets, and pillows)
General Support
Any amount welcome
Provide a meal for women, children and men working in the City Dump
Medical Supplies
Provide basic medicines for those in need
Any amount welcome
Mission 9:22 Building
Support the construction of the Mission 9:22 building.
Any amount welcome
School Supplies
Purchase school supplies for an entire class.
Sponsor A Child
Sponsor a child to attend school.

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